Are you tired of not making the money you want in your business?



Oh hello, you beautiful badass.

Let me ask you something...

Let me help you

kick off 2022 fired up as fuck, knowing EXACTLY how you’re gonna hit those £3-5k months that you're after.

What if you could replace that overwhelm with a feeling of calm confidence that 2022 is gonna be the one that CHANGES EVERYTHING for you and your business?


What if you could walk away with a crystal clear plan of action for the year, broken down into monthly goals, so you can start signing those clients and hitting your financial goals within the first quarter?

What if you could actually start the year focused, excited and clear on EXACTLY what you need to work on and when?

Are you DONE feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

Have you been telling yourself for the last 6 months that you’re gonna really kick things into gear, but the action hasn’t quite materialised? 

Are you looking back to this time last year and feeling like you haven’t achieved as much as you’d hoped?

Have you not been setting financial goals which has meant that you're not earning the money you want?

Maybe you have been setting goals but they're not big enough, so you keep playing small and letting those money-making opportunities pass you by?


Or maybe the whole goal-setting thing scares you because you're worried you might fail and you've just been coasting.

Wherever you are in your business journey, I don’t have to tell you that is NOT the ideal way to start a brand new year….

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Help you take control of your life and business

Push you to reach your highest potential

Give you a vision to work towards

Stop you procrastinating and get you taking massive action

Make you accountable 

Motivate you to start getting shit done


Push you out of your comfort zone. 


Look, I know exactly what it feels like to desperately want to get your business going and growing.


I spent time constantly buzzing away, doing ‘all of the things’ like editing my website, tweaking and perfecting Instagram posts and watching ALL of the free trainings.


But I wasn't getting anywhere. I was being the classic ‘busy fool’: taking loads of action, but not being intentional about it.


It wasn't until I discovered the power of goal setting, that EVERYTHING CHANGED.


Within 2 years of setting my first ever goal (to qualify as a coach and launch my business), I’d grown it to 5 figures and quit my job. 


And that’s why I’m bringing you this workshop. So you too can get the clarity you need, start hitting your goals and achieve those £3-5k months that you’re after.

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Client LOVE


this could be your reality too

REFLECTION workbook to help you LEARN FROM the past year and create a vision for the next one

You'll come to your session feeling fired the fuck up and focused on the goals you want to create.

“Wow, the workbook gets a firm 10 from me. It was thought-provoking and a great chance for me to really look at how far I've come." Sophia L.

 2.5 hour 121 workshop carried out on Zoom

You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that you’re be creating your action plan from the comfort of your own home, with no need to travel anywhere.

“I came away from the session with a sense of wow this is really possible and I have the facts and figures to back it up”. Lucy K.

 Editable ‘2022 Goal Plan' sent to you within 24 hourS

Have your goals broken down into manageable chunks and action points, so you can:

  • Feel calm and confident that you can achieve everything you’ve set out to and super excited to get cracking 

  • Edit and add your own notes to it, feeling totally empowered to make your goals happen

“This is amazing, I've already put it on my wall and have actually started making a few calls about what I have on my plan!”.  Sophia L.

Unlimited text support from me after the workshop

To help you start as you mean to go on and stay accountable you'll get access to me on tap Monday to Friday. Think of it as having your own personal ass-kicker in your pocket. And I've created 3 levels of support based on your budget and what you need from me*. 

What you'll get


FREE ‘Kick up the Ass’ call in 3 months time to bring you back on track if you’ve veered off course. (Value £100)

FREE ‘Setting yourself up for Success Workbook, packed with life-changing tips and habits to help you give yourself the best possible chance of success for 2022 (Value £35)


So, what's all that worth to you?

 To kick off 2022 feeling like you’re wearing a cape, focused as fuck on exactly WHAT you’re gonna achieve?


To feel calm and confident heading into 2022, with a clear and concise action plan detailing HOW and WHEN you're gonna hit those goals, like signing paying clients?


I’ve packaged up all of this mad-ass value for you for just £349.


Yep, for just £349 I’m helping you lay out a plan that will help you hit those £3-5k months and make 2022 the year that changes EVERYTHING.


What would it mean to you if you could finally get your marketing plan together to help you get visible? To sell out your 1:1 client spots? Or even to have your first paying client?


All of these goals and more are super-fucking achievable when you have a plan and some ass-kicking.

*I've created 3 different levels of follow-up text support based on your budget and the support you need from me.


I've also created 2 and 3 month payment plans to spread the cost if you need to**

**Payment plan prices available on request during our Discovery Call.


How to get started

To book your spot, or to chat about the different options available to you, book in your free Discovery Call below. 


Let’s smash the shit out of 2022 TOGETHER.