Bespoke Packages

Not quite sure what you need?

I'll develop a package bespoke to your situation. 

  •  1-1 dedicated coaching sessions

  •  Bespoke 3/6/12 month packages

  •  Regular video sessions

  •  Flexible payment plans

  •  Dedicated accountability partner

  •  Access to me on WhatsApp

  •  Comfort zone stretching

  •  Shared insights and knowledge from me

  •  Specific tools to move you forward

  •  Full assessment of where you are now

  •  Frequent challenges to help you progress

  •  Strategy & marketing sessions

  •  Detailed action plan


How I do it

121 coaching

My bespoke coaching programmes help you build the confidence to turn your career change and business dreams into actual reality.

Mindset shift

I disrupt the mindset that's keeping you small, cutting through the overwhelm and imposter syndrome that comes with change.

Clarity & Action

I help you get clear on what you want and create an actionable roadmap to achieve the dreams you never thought were possible. 


My uplifting and effervescent style leaves you feeling like you’re wearing a cape and can conquer the world.

What actually is coaching though?


Often we wrongly associate the word ‘coach’ or ‘coaching’ with sport. It’s common to hear athletes talking about the impact their coach had on helping them break records or win medals. But coaching isn't just for athletes. We can now have a coach for any aspect of our lives.


Another common misconception is that only successful people have coaches, but - news flash - they’re successful because they had a great coach!

If you’ve ever felt stuck or asked yourself questions like ‘What’s next?’, ‘Why am I not reach my potential?’, or ‘Why don't I feel fulfilled?’, then coaching is for you. Essentially it’s a series of conversations that help you become the very best version of yourself.

Ready to find out what it's all about?

Let's jump on a short discovery call to find out if we're right for each other. Coaching works most powerfully when the vibe is right. So let's see if we vibe!