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7 reasons your business isn't going where you want it to

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Did you know a staggering 92% of people don't achieve their goals? I was absolutely gobsmacked when I read this. Not just because I’m personally a massive advocate (and living proof) of how goal setting can skyrocket your life, but also because there are some really simple ways to make sure you hit them.

If you’re struggling to hit your goals, here are 7 potential reasons why:

1. They’re too big

If they’re too challenging or too lofty, we get overwhelmed and give up. So we need to break them down. For example if your goal was ‘Its April 2021 and have set up my own side hustle’, you could break that down into smaller micro goals, like ‘It’s January and decided on my pricing and offer’, ‘Its February I’ve got 2 practice clients’, ‘It’s March and I’ve set up my website’,

2. They’re too small

When they’re not challenging enough, your brain knows they’re too easy and you lose motivation. So we need to beef them up just enough so that you’re at least a 7 out of 10 challenged by them. I always say they need to make your bum twitch just a little!

3. You’re not clear on your ‘why’

If you haven’t got a really impactful & motivational reason why you want the goal, you won't achieve it, simple as. So ask yourself, why do I want this thing? What will it give me? Then ask again ‘What will THAT give me’? And keep going until you’ve got your really impactful reason, like ‘I want to set up my own side hustle because it will give me the passion and fulfilment that’s lacking in my 9-5 job’.

4. You’ve got too many

Whilst it's great to be enthusiastic, you'll have more success if you get laser focused on the one or two that are going to have the most impact. The key is prioritisation.

5. You’re not writing them in the present tense

One of the best mind tricks you can play is to write them like you’ve already achieved them. So instead of ‘By May I want to increase my Instagram following by 20%’, say ‘It’s May and I HAVE increased my Instagram following by 20%. Can you feel the difference?

6. You’re not being specific enough

One of the keys to goal achievement is getting super specific with what you want and when. For example, saying ‘I want to start a s side hustle’ is nowhere near as motivational as ‘It's April 2021 and I have set up my side hustle’.

7. Fear of failure

It's amazing how fear can get in the way. With fear of failure it can be paralyzing and sometimes stops us even starting. Ask yourself where the fear comes from. Is it even real? What would actually happen in the worst case scenario? How likely is that to happen? And remember that the goal posts can move. When I was studying to be a coach I moved the deadline 3 times, but having that initial date in the diary kept me moving forwards. It's all about progress rather than perfection.

So the next time you feel like giving up on your side hustle, please fucking don't! Come bacl to your why, get specific, get focused and make sure they're just the right amount of challenging and realistic. Keep going - you've got this.

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