Start signing paying clients WITHOUT social media,

so you can build your side business without work knowing.

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Oh hello, you beautiful badass.

Let me help you

kick off 2022 fired up as fuck, knowing EXACTLY how you’re gonna hit those £3-5k months that you're after.

This was my reality for a long time too.


I know exactly what it feels like to desperately want to get your side business up and running, so you can leave your creativity-sucking corporate job, but not have a clue where to start.


The truth is, I was full of thoughts like ‘Who would even pay me when there’s so many other amazing coaches out there already?’.


I was also shit-scared of posting about my services on social media in case work found out. I thought they’d judge me and - worst case scenario - stop me from doing it.


I needed to find a way to get paying clients without work finding out, but was stuck in fear and procrastination.


But I knew that I had 2 options: keep sitting in that fear and procrastination, watching other women living the life I wanted or take life by the balls and make shit happen. 

So I created what I now call my ‘Behind the Scenes Client Attraction Strategy’. And what happened? 


I went from zero to 4 figures in less than 3 months without posting ANYTHING on social media. 


And that’s why I’m SO excited for you to join ‘Procrastinating to Paid’. My 12 week group coaching programme, that breaks down that client attraction strategy into easily-actionable steps.


So you too can remove all that overwhelm and get the clarity and confidence you need to attract actual paying clients, without work finding out.

I Understamd.

Does this sound like you right now?

You’re frustrated in your corporate 9-5 and just want to be running your own online service business (coaching, interior design, marketing, copywriting, personal training, etc.)

You feel like you’ve got no control over your life, stuck doing work that doesn’t light you up.

You’re slogging your guts away for ‘the man’, lacking any kind of freedom or flexibility to live life on your own terms.

You’ve been thinking about starting your own service-based side hustle for ages now, but you’re procrastinating because you’re shit-scared of failure. Of losing your financial security. Of getting it wrong. Of work finding out. 

Or you might’ve done a bit of client work for free, but either way you have no friggin idea how to start charging people for your services.

You’ve been listening to the so-called gurus telling you the only way to get paying clients is to have a super sexy Instagram strategy that involves daily posts, stories and engagement.

And all of that leaves you totally overwhelmed about where to even start. So you don’t.

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How would it feel to start seeing results like these?

Untitled (Facebook Post) (1080 × 1350 px) (2).png
Untitled (Facebook Post) (1080 × 1350 px).png
Untitled (Facebook Post) (1080 × 1350 px) (1).png

I know you're probably looking at these results thinking 'That's great but there's no way I can achieve that'.


And I totally get it. You don't think you have a network, you don't even really know what you're selling and you don't feel experienced or good enough to be charging for your services.

I felt exactly the same before I started. 

But that's exactly why I created 'Procrastinating to Paid'. Over these 12 weeks, I take you through my proven step-by step process to help YOU sign your first paying clients without having to post anything on social media.






Bust through the mindset issues that are holding your back, so you can stop procrastinating and start feeling confident AF to get your first paying clients.

Map out your vision & learn how to set and achieve goals, so you can beat that overwhelm and get focused on exactly how to get that money rolling in.


Narrow down your niche & package up an irresistible introductory offer, using market research, so can sell with ease as you've created something your ideal client really wants.


Learn my 'Outreach Onion' process that helped me enough clients to hit 4-figures in 3 months, all without posting a single thing on social media.


Get your business processes in place so you can start onboarding said clients with ease.


Bag those all-important testimonials and referrals that will help you keep building your business, long after the programme is finished.

Get accountable. The group setting will keep you moving towards your goals and stop you procrastinating. You'll have a ready-made group of cheerleaders to encourage you and help you keep taking action. 


Feel confident that your business is actually legit and be able to see how it will help you quit the rat race. 




What you'll learn


The crucial first step in growing any business. Here we say Sayonara to self doubt and kill off comparisonitis. You’ll learn life changing mindset shifts and habits that will give you the confidence to make this business legit.


If you don’t know where you’re going then how the fuck can you expect to get there? Next we unleash your vision for the business,work out your why and learn the art of goal setting, so you feel calm, confident and organised.

 Nail YOUR Niche & PackagE up your SERVICES

Without a clear idea of who your ideal client is and what you’re offering them, you won't attract paying clients. So we'll craft you an enticing elevator pitch and an irresistible introductory offer that shows them why they’d be bonkers not to work with you.

Outreach through your network

Whether you realise it or not, you have a massive network of people who can help you sell your services. Here you’ll learn my 'Outreach Onion' method that shows you exactly how to get people to promote your services on your behalf and get those paying clients lining up to work with you. All without posting a single thing on social media.


10 x weekly Zoom coaching sessions over 3 months.  They'll be recorded so you can revisit them whenever you like.

Workbooks, action plans, mindset tips and new habits for you to work on between sessions, all designed to get you signing paying clients fast.


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Coach in your Pocket Whatsapp Group:  Cheerleading, ass-kicking & work reviews from me Mon-Fri between sessions.


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An intimate community of new Business Besties who will ride the journey with you, keeping you accountable & making you feel like you're no longer alone.


FREE ‘30-min 121 call with me

Use my brain to deep dive into any part of the programme you'd like (Value £150)*

FREE ‘Master your Money Mindset' video from Jen MacFarlane AKA 'The Money Medium'.

This magical lady helped me go from scared to charge anything to having a 5-figure business. In this video she'll help you understand how to start busting through your money mindset blocks so you can start charging what you're worth. (Value £125)

FREE 'Badass Exit Planner' spreadsheet and video.

Everything you need to understand how to start planning how to ditch your 9-5. (Value (£150)

*Available when you pay in full


So, what's all that worth to you?

What if all that overwhelm was a thing of the past & you could wake up each day with purpose, knowing exactly how you’re gonna finally get this business off the ground?


What if you could finally stop doubting yourself and feel completely confident to sell your services?


What if you could feel like you're in 100% control of your career & transform your mindset from emotionally exhausted employee, to excited entrepreneur? 


What if you could feel calm & confident, knowing you’ve got a concrete roadmap to get those paying clients?


What if you could finally feel like this business is a legit way out of your 9-5?


What if you could do all that without having to post anything on social media?

And all in just three months?*

So, what's the investment for the 3 month programme?

I've created 2 payment options for you:


£900 if paid in full (includes a FREE 30-min 121 coaching call worth £150)




3 x £300 if you'd prefer to spread the cost over the duration of the programme

You can get started today for just £300!

For the cost of a blow-out online shop, I am helping you finally start your business and get paying clients without social media, so you can start making moves to quit the rat race forever.


And look, I know first-hand the fear that comes with investing in yourself, but what is the price of you not seeking help? 


What if in 3 months' time, you're in exactly the same position as today, with no idea how to sign your first paying clients in your business?

How to get started

To book your spot, or to chat about the different options available to you, book in your free Discovery Call below.