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Are you just not where you want to be with your 

I’ll help you supercharge it in just 90 minutes.


Described by my clients as a 'first aid session' for their business

with your business idea (that you’re not even calling a business yet)

and need to validate it. 

Maybe you’re just dabbling

Perhaps you know what business you want to start but have no friggin’ idea how to get going. 

Maybe you're more established in your business, but feel like you’re just not progressing enough. 

Perhaps you feel super overwhelmed, like you're going round in circles trying to do all of the things, but not actually getting very far?


Wherever you are on your business journey, my Power Hour will help. 

It’s a magical 90-minute intensive coaching session where we laser-focus a plan on starting or growing your business. You’ll walk away with the session recording and the notes that I'll take, so you can start putting your plan into action straight away.

My clients say their 121 Power Hour sessions helped them feel lighter, less overwhelmed & like they could breathe again, coz they have clarity, ideas & know exactly what direction to go in.


Clients like Charlotte, who felt stuck and overwhelmed with how to get more clients into her business and was super confused about which steps to take. That was costing her time she wasn't getting back, confidence and peace of mind.

Until she booked in a Power Hour with me that is…

In just 90 minutes, we refined her Beta offer and brainstormed a list of people to send it out to.

The result? She landed one paying client in less than a week and another 9 days later. That's 2 clients in 2 weeks from just one 90 minute coaching session.


And if you're struggling with any of the things Charlotte were, regardless of where you are on your business journey, then here's the proof that they can all be solved quickly with one of my power hour sessions.

Power Hour website page (4).png
Power Hour website page (3).png
Power Hour website page (5).png
Power Hour website page (6).png

So if you want to supercharge your business in just 90 minutes like Charlotte, book in your session today.


The investment is just £299 + VAT.


More Happy Power Hour Clients

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