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The ONLY 4 month programme that teaches brand new service-based entrepreneurs to land their first paying clients WITHOUT selling their soul to social media.

If you're a newbie coach, interior designer, consultant, VA, etc and you’re READY to start feeling like a legit business owner coz you’ve bagged your first paying clients (without touching Insta-Link-Tok)... then you’ve come to the right place.

My unique process has helped over 70 badass women start and grow purpose-filled service-based businesses without all the faff of social media. And you can do the same!



I see you Boo.

You’ve been growing more & more disillusioned with your job since the pandemic, when you realised that this wasn’t actually what you were put on this earth to do. You know you’re shoe-horning yourself into a 9-5 that just doesn’t light you up anymore. Maybe it never actually did. You just fell into it and got stuck there when they kept promoting you.


You’ve been dreaming of running your own purpose-filled business for ages now, but you keep making bullsh*t excuses not to start. You know deep down that you’ve got some badass talents to share with the world and lie awake at night dreaming of doing work that helps people and actually chuffing means something. 

But every time you think about getting clients, THE FEAR rears it’s ugly head.
What if I fail?
What if people judge me?
How TF do I even find clients? 

And you want to avoid social media like the plague, either because (like me) you don’t want work finding out, or you simply find the whole Insta-Link-Tok thing impossible to get your head around.


So, you put it off yet again and tell yourself you’ll do it someday. But life inevitably gets in the way and months go by with you still having done nothing about it.

And this makes you frustrated and miserable AF because you’re STILL stuck in a soul-sucking job and you’re STILL not having the impact you know you can have on people.

Look, I know the thought of starting your biz is scary AF. Believe me, I've been there. Before I created my Behind the Scenes Attraction Strategy,  I felt exactly the same as you. And so did all my clients when they first came to me.

But here’s the thing. By continuing to drag your feet on starting your business, you're not just missing out on clients and cash, babe. It’s way deeper than that.

You're straight-up robbing yourself of:

Happiness: Coz there's nothing quite like the thrill of taking charge and watching your dreams unfold.

Fulfillment: Coz you’re finally doing work that lights you up like a friggin’ disco ball at midnight. 

Believe me when I say it's the key to unlocking your dream life, one of unadulterated joy, freedom & flexibility.

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And I totally get it. When I first qualified as a coach and wanted to start getting paying clients, social media - Instagram in particular - made me really anxious. I was also sweating bullets about work finding out about my side hustle, so didn’t want to ‘out myself’ on Instagram or LinkedIn.


And I was petrified of selling and charging.

The word ‘Selling’ was pretty loaded for me as I was all about the feels and just wanted to help everybody, so dreaded sounding like a cheesy used car salesman. And every time I got to the brink of charging, I’d start tormenting myself with thoughts like ‘I’m not experienced enough yet’.​

So I felt totally f*cking stuck and completely overwhelmed because every ‘expert’ out there said that Instagram was the ‘only way’ to get paying clients. And because I didn’t have much time around my 9-5, when I did sit down to work on my biz, I had no clue what to focus on first.

But then it hit me like a ton of glitter.


After 15 years in the corporate rat race, I’d built up a mahousive network of people who knew and liked me... So, why TF was I fixating on trying to attract a bunch of strangers on Instagram?? Like, hello?!


And maybe if I just owned the fact that I was a beginner and called it a ‘Beta’ offer then potential clients would have lower expectations of me. And if I applied an introductory discount, that would ease the pressure and also make it much easier for people to sign up.

That realisation bagged me my first 6 paying clients in just 4 months!! 


And now, 4 years later I:

  • Have built a £100k business that helped me ditch the corporate grind

  • Wake up every day BUZZING because I get to do what I love, having helped over 70 badass women start and grow their own purpose-filled business

  • Work how TF I want to, taking every Friday off to spend with my daughter


Introducing Side Hustle Without Social:

I’m giving you the EXACT formula that I used to kickstart my side hustle into gear and start the process of changing my life for the better.



The Side Biz Success Roadmap


  • With your every step mapped out, you’ll get massive clarity, confidence & belief that this business can finally become an actual reality. 

  • Then we create your ‘Light me TF up’ vision for it. Because if you’re not 100% bought in, no one else is gonna buy either. 

  • Plus you get access to my ‘Pep Talk Bank’, full of sassy AF videos to bust those mindset gremlins when they pop up.

The ‘BETA Blueprint’ 


  • You’ll get crystal clear on your niche, your ideal client and - most importantly the unique, badass value that you bring to the party, so you can package it all up into something they’ll friggin’ love. 

  • We then create a BETA offering to ease all that fear & pressure, and do market research to validate it with your ideal client, so you can be confident it's something they actually want. 

  • Then we create your price, with an introductory discount to make it a no-brainer for people to say ‘YES’.





‘BTS Client Attraction Strategy’.

  • You’ll learn my ‘Outreach Onion’ method to promote your offer behind the scenes,  including a ton of ‘Plug & Play’ scripts and message templates to remove all the guesswork. 

  • You then get everything you need to convert and onboard those clients without feeling the sales ic.

  • Finally we’ll create your ‘Organic Growth Gameplan’ teaching you all the different no-social-media ways to get more clients and grow your business.


Picture this:

It's the end of your 4 month programme and….

You’re no longer overwhelmed AF about how to get your business off the ground

You’re sure as sh*t not bricking it about selling or charging anymore.

You f*cking love your offer and are telling anyone who’ll listen. You literally can’t shut up about it. 

And all of this means you’ve landed your first paying clients without posting a single thing on social media, making you feel like an actual, legit, boss bitch businesswoman.

And you can finally see how this business could help you quit that soul-sucking job and wake up every day doing something you love.

What you get

The Content:

You’ll strut through the SHWOS modules, containing deliberately short videos so you can take action every day in as little as 10 minutes. You'll be smashing milestones and getting my feedback every step of the way.

The Coaching:

Over 4 glorious months, you’ll get 12 x 90-minute group zoom calls where you get my help and critique on whatever you’re working on, plus the love & support from your fellow SHWOSers.

Then at the halfway point you get an exclusive 30-minute 121 session with me, where we'll dive deep into your progress, fine-tune your strategy, and ensure you're storming ahead towards the end.

The Community:

You’ll become a part of the incredible SHWOS Community on Slack, surrounded by fierce AF women all monetising their side businesses so they can see a future of freedom beyond their 9-5.

It worked for these badasses and it will work for you too:

Janey bagged her first 3 paying clients in less than 3 months

Zabrina got her first 2 paying clients in just 8 weeks and has now quit her job

Nicola Image.jpg

Nicola landed her first client in 7 weeks from a market research call

Up until I started coaching with Lauren, my business felt like a bit of a pipe dream. Now it feels like a tangible business.


SHWOS helped me stop overthinking and take action. Lauren was deeply invested in each group member’s success. I wasn’t expecting to receive so much direct feedback, which was a huge bonus! And her personal experience of starting a business on the side of her 9-5 and taking it full time makes her really relatable. 

Sally Image.jpg

Sally bagged her first paying client in just 10 weeks…

SHWOS gave me the momentum and strategy to progress my business that I would never have been able to achieve on my own.


Being surrounded by other women who are on the same journey as me really helped me feel less alone. Plus, the short, actionable videos meant that even on days when I felt like I had no time around my 9-5 to work on my business, I was able to dedicate bursts of ten minutes doing the RIGHT things, instead of waste hours on stuff that didn’t need to be done like building educational content for Instagram.


You’re a newbie coach, consultant, interior designer, VA, etc and you’re READY to get your first paying clients in the next 4 months

You want to do it WITHOUT selling your soul to social media

You’ve either ‘only’ worked with people for free so far, or you’ve had some people pay you, but they feel like a fluke.


You’ve got no idea what business you want to start

You want to create passive income, selling a £29 course rather than working with people in real time

You’re not willing to invest the time, money or energy into changing you life, or willing to show up and do the work


Kick-off call with the other badass ladies starting at the same time as you: RRP £99

12 x Group coaching calls to get my personal help and critique at every stage of the process: RRP £1,800

30-min halfway point 121 with me where we'll deep dive into your progress & fine-tune your strategy: RRP £150

Access to the 10 module SHWOS course where you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to bag those first paying clients: RRP £2,000

Slack Community chat, surrounded by other fierce AF women all monetising their side businesses RRP £1,000

Value: £5,049

Pick your payment option:

Pay In Full
1 x £2,399 (save 10%)

4 Month Payment plan
4 x £660

So WTF are you waiting for?

Lauren headshot2.jpg

You little badass


Still on the fence?

I totally get it.


Investing in yourself is a massive decision, so if you want more info, book a 30 minute call with me here: 

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