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How to package up your services and create an Introductory Offer

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Packaging up your services to create an offer can be super overwhelming when you're starting your own business.

So let’s break it down. There are 3 key stages to packaging up your offer:

1. Outline it

Create a rough draft of your offer by understanding your ideal client's pain points, struggles and desires and creating a solution that solves their challenges and helps them reach their goals.

You need to decide:

WHO do you want to help?

If you're not clear on exactly who you want to attract, you end up marketing to everybody. This means you end up with a confused and diluted message and no one buying from you. So you firstly need to decide what your niche is and within that, who your ideal client is.

WHAT problems do you want to help them with?

The reason we focus more on psychographics (ie their pain points and desires) as opposed to demographics like age, income, location, etc, is because people don’t actually want what you sell.

What I mean by this is that people want what they believe they'll get, achieve or avoid as a result of buying what you sell.

So it's your job as a business owner to understand the problems your ideal client is trying to solve and then create offers and content that match their very specific problems. Ones that speak directly to them and make it a no-brainer for them to buy from you. So they literally think - ‘How has she got inside my head?’ or ‘That’s perfect for me’.

HOW are you going to help them?

Now you need to create your solutions and outcomes to answer your ideal clients' pain points & desired outcomes. A common mistake I see people make is to blindly create an offer based around what they think people need. But by starting with the pain points first, you're far more likely to create something that sells.

So go back to each of your ideal client's pain points and brainstorm your solutions & outcomes, using the following prompts:

Top Tip: Avoid jargon! It just confuses your ideal client. Explain it in language your target client can understand. Make this as concise as possible, the easier & quicker to digest the better.

2. Validate it with market research

The first time I created an offer I literally ‘shoved’ 4 coaching sessions together and called it a package. I did no market research, I just cobbled it together and asked my friends to pass it on to people.

Although this scrappy little offer got me 6 paying clients in 3 months, they literally only paid me £50 per package. £50!! Over time I obviously refined and improved my process, introducing market research to understand EXACTLY what my ideal client wanted, which massively improved my offer and enabled me to charge what I'm charging today. But if I'd only just done the market research in the first place!

So that's why I'm so passionate about teaching this today. Don't make the same mistakes I did! Do it properly, by carrying out market research to make sure it’s something they really want.

3. Perfect It

Once you've done at least 5 market research calls, you can start perfecting your offer.

The best way to use the insights from the calls is to take the original work you did on finding your niche and ideal client and combine it with the information you got from your market research calls.

Sometimes things in your offer will be immediately obvious to tweak, but if they’re not, the key areas to look out for are:

  • Your ideal client's pain points and goals. Again use their actual words to make this part of your offer more engaging.

  • The price. An obvious one but needs to be pointed out! If the prices vary greatly then take an average. Again, this is why its important to do at least 5 calls.

  • The nuts and bolts of what your offering itself. If your calls served up any great ideas of how to improve your offer then tweak it here. Eg how many sessions if youre a coach, length of sessions, what they get included, timings etc.

So hopefully that's helped you work out how to package up your services and create your introductory offer. And if you want some help pulling it all together so you can start your business faster and with the added bonus of not having to be all over social media, then my 121 coaching is for you. Together we'll package up your services into a sexy AF offer that your ideal client can't resist, then market it through your network so you can get paying clients without work finding out.

If you're ready to start building that business and finding that freedom and flexibility you're dreaming of, then let's talk.

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